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      Now get me the horse! she said.

      Lady Wyndover gracefully glided away from the subject.Marry Miss Chetwynde!

      We shall be delighted, dear Lord Trafford, she said. And Im sure you couldnt have given this girl a greater treat. She is always wailing and moaning for what she calls the open air. She laid her hand on Esmeraldas head as she spoke, and Trafford noticed the red-gold hair contrasted with Lady Wyndovers white paw. Perhaps her ladyship intended him to notice it.

      Lady Wyndover covered her face with her hands, and groaned.

      Yes, Lady Wyndover, said Mr. Pinchook, with a suspicion of a sigh of relief. We have arrived at last!

      That is it, said Lady Wyndover, hovering over them with sal volatile in one hand and a fan in the other. I said that such calmness and sang-froid werewere unnatural, and I felt sure that she would pay for it and break down later on. Well, its better that it should come now, that it is all over, than in the middle of the ceremony.

      Trafford she began; but he seemed scarcely to hear her.Then it is settled! exclaimed Lady Wyndover. Oh! Im so happy! Fancy! Duchess of Belfayre! My dear child, you dont realize what it means! Youll be one of the leaders of society! One of the most powerful women in Londonand London is everything! With your money and his rank you can become a queen of society! Oh! I am so glad!


      Whatever you may know, whatever you may guesssay nothing, now nor in the future.Trafford extended his hand half imploringly, half defiantly.


      Im rather curious to fit in a little piece of this puzzle which seems to me to be missing just at present, and which the thing wants to make it a complete map of the whole business. Youve seen those childrens puzzles, I dare say, my lord?


      Why should you not come? he said, ignoring the reason.[Pg 306]